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Meditation Dome Floriade
Water flows through the plastic tube which forms the wall of this meditation centre. Besides the aesthetic effect, it provides acoustic and visual insulation from the bustle of the visitors.
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Water Pavilion, Floriade
Living on the water is currently undergoing a revolution. The water pavilion by Oxus at the Floriade 2002 horticultural exhibition reflects the changes.
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Rowing society De Hunze
The boathouse of De Hunze Rowing Association is projected halfway into the water. It makes one of the most attractive locations in Groningen at the intersection of two waterways.
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Sweetwater Pavilion
Sweetwater pavilion and interactive installation for ‘WaterLand Neeltje Jans’, an artificial island in the province of Zeeland.
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Floating Pavilion, Sonsbeek
The pavilion Wiek Röling designed in 1986 for the sculpture exhibition in Sonsbeek Park floats on the water. Its reflection in the surface forms part of its architectural image.
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Floriade Pavilion
Surrounded by a lake in the Floriade Park in Haarlemmermeer, the pavilion by Hani Rashid recalls the streamlined design of an old ocean steamer.
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Exhibition Pavilion
This temporary pavilion was so successful that it was retained permanently. The building is simultaneously a theatre, exhibition space, wind barrier and landmark.
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The Groninger Museum
The colourful Groninger Museum straddles an island in the Zwaaikom, the former inland harbour of city of Groningen. It was one of first significant public postmodern buildings in the Netherlands.
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Holiday Homes Oostmahorn Marina
The 38 holiday homes on the Lauwersmeer lake have literally wet feet. They stand in reed beds and blend comfortably with the surroundings.
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De Verbeelding Art Pavilion
‘De Verbeelding’ is a pavilion forming part of De Kunstbaan International Centre for Landscape Art in the village of Zeewolde.
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Master plan, Floriade 2002
Floriade 2002 is a world horticultural exhibition with more than 250 Dutch exhibitors and about 30 foreign exhibitors, situated in a polder southwest of Amsterdam, near Schiphol Airport.
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