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High Speed Railway Line Bridge
Dutch fast train crossing the Hollandsch Diep bridge in 13 seconds
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Erasmus Bridge
The short, scandal-racked life of the Rotterdam Bridge has turned it into a media star. Adoration, public humiliation, health problems, a spell in rehabilitation the bridge has seen it all.
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A pedestrian bridge crossing a neck of wetland between two nature reserves.
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Papendorpse Bridge
An unconventional innovative structure providing a significant point of orientation for travellers to and from the city of Utrecht.
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Jan Schaefer Bridge
A "Christ Lizard" spanning the 200 metre wide IJ Harbour and connecting the Java Island with the city centre.
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Floriande Bridges Hoofddorp
Zwarts & Jansma designed several bridges for Floriande, a new housing estate in Hoofddorp.
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Batavia Harbour
A sheltered basin on the Markermeer lake shore offering protection from wind and waves
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Kerkpolder Bridge
Harmony with the landscape was reached by limiting the dimensions to the roadway.
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The Ribcage concrete bridges
A series of bridges for Leidschenveen designed with modern concrete technology
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Second and Third Lekbridges
The capacity of the steel arch bridge across the river Lek was too limited to continue coping adequately with the traffic. A second, new bridge was needed for the A2 motorway.
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Bridge Zuid-Willemscanal
This project is the first reasonably large statically undetermined steel/concrete bridge in the Netherlands. It is also an outstanding encouragement to apply the same constructional principle more often.
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