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Ramspol surge barrier
Inflatable dyke forming a distinctive outline in the landscape.
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A horizontally closing storm surge barrier whose construction will make it unnecessary to carry out large-scale river dyke reinforcement upstream.
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A new lock complex for smooth-flowing traffic by road and water.
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Water Purification Plant
In the absence of other expressive component structures, the clean water reservoirs of the Kralingen Water Purification Plant have been given a striking visual treatment.
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Control Centre Maxima Locks
A sturdy building allowing for the control of extreme water levels.
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Traffic Control Centre
The need to provide the best possible view of the waterways from the traffic control centre, dictacted the position of the building.
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The Floating Road
Floating road consisting of easily linked standard units.
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VASSO "Composition of Mainports"
Vasso makes the jump to the earths orbit and beyond an option worth thinking about. A terminal fitted to accomodate the logistic needs of the world
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