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IJburg is the new suburb of Amsterdam. Since the city has a scarcity of building land, room for 18,000 homes has been created by hydraulic sand fill in the IJsselmeer.
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Eastern Islands
The islands in Amsterdam are actually long, narrow fingers of land stretching into the water. The way these former harbour and industry peninsulas are being built up varies widely from one to another.
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Houses in Nesselanden
Goran Bojcin submitted a design for a competition held by the City of Rotterdam for a house in Nesselanden. The brief required entries to relate to water, greenery and light.
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De Zaanwerf
The project is part of ongoing redevelopment along the banks of the River Zaan, the oldest industrial area of the Netherlands. One of the most interesting features is the boardwalk, which gives the residents of Zaandam access to their river.
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Zaanstad is the oldest industrial area in the Netherlands. Now that many of the old industries along the banks of the River Zaan have vanished, it needs a new waterfront.
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The plan shows that there can be a positive side to the process of clearing old industrial zones: it can be taken as an opportunity to build new, modern cities.
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Amsterdam Waterstad
Amsterdam Waterstad is part of a new suburb of Amsterdam, which will be built in the water of the IJmeer. Waterstad will be literally ‘on the water’.
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De Blauwe Stad
A scheme for an important stimulus to development in the region.
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The city of Dordrecht formulated an ambitious set of principles for the redevelopment of its Stadswerven area
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Prijsvraag Hafnarfjördur, IJsland
KuiperCompagnons won an Icelandic competition for the design of 600 apartments.
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Village Centre Loosdrecht
The main objective of this project is to link public space with the lake in the impoverished centre of Oud Loosdrecht and so restore it to residents and visitors.
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