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image 1 Bruisten+Janssen architectenbureau

Cooking, sleeping and storage take place on the terra firma of the island. This section of the house forms a distinct mass, and is executed in masonry, whereas the living rooms and terraces are executed in wood and glass. The island is part of a larger new-built area and is connected to the shore by two bridges, also designed by Wil Janssen. The point where the bridge makes contact with the island is marked by two gateway houses.

image 1

Project name: Island homes
City: Beuningen
Year: 2002
Architects: Wil Janssen
Architects' practice: Bruisten+Janssen architectenbureau
Website: www.bruisten-janssen.nl
E-mail address: info@bruisten.nl
Client: Meyer Bouwpromotie B.V.
Constructor: Wil Janssen
Floor area:
Building costs:
Further specifications:

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