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Vorige project

image 1 Bureau B+B

The green river will be the central open space within the new urban region planned within the next few decades as outlined in the published regional structure plan for the Arnhem-Nijmegen Node. The park design thus incorporates an urban development strategy. The dyke-park is the new front for urban developments in the Over-Betuwe region, and new programmes will be oriented to it. Many people will make their homes along this park. The diversity and small scale of the urban tapestry will present an exciting contrast with the grandeur of the dike-park and the emptiness of the green river.

image 1 Residents and visitors from the small-scale residential milieu of the VINEX district will enjoy the fresh air in the immense area of the park. A majestic plantation of 50,000 elm trees forms a monumental frame around the empty space of the green river. The standard park section varies in response to local circumstances, generating a wide spectrum of ambiences, spaces and possible uses.

Project name: Deltawerken 2.0
City: Arnhem-Nijmegen
Year: 2003
Architects: Ronald Rietveld
Architects' practice: Bureau B+B
Website: www.bplusb.nl
E-mail address: bureau@bplusb.nl
Constructor: Ronald Rietveld
Floor area:
Building costs:
Further specifications:

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