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Vorige project

image 1 KuiperCompagnons

A system of watercourses has been introduced to purify the seawater that infiltrates the area through the dykes. Various kinds of vegetation are matched to differences of water salinity, orientation, slope and soil. This results in a range of different landscape types, while the existing landscape is preserved as far as possible. These types form the basis for all new developments.

image 1 There are two main urban centres: the ‘City of Crane’, a residential area in the north, and the ‘Yangtze River Cultural Plaza’, a recreational centre on the southern point. The Eco-Forest Parkway provides a direct link between these centres. A water bus running on electricity and solar energy ferries back and forth, and the boulevard connects the villa districts and landscape strips.

Project name: Eco-Forest Park
City: Shanghai
Year: 2002
Architects: Ashok Bhalotra, Wouter Vos, Liselore van Dongen, Xiaoying Liu
Architects' practice: KuiperCompagnons
Website: www.kuiper.nl
E-mail address: kuiper@kuiper.nl
Client: Shanghai Industrial Investment Co.Ltd.
Constructor: Ashok Bhalotra, Wouter Vos, Liselore van Dongen, Xiaoying Liu
Floor area: 2000 ha
Building costs:
Further specifications:

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