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image 1 Himsmade Bouwkunst bna

Exploring the house further, the route leads you to a long, slanting, coloured wall that divides the interior space. As you walk towards the light, the space opens itself up to view and gives you a splendid outlook onto the watery world. This part of the house I call ‘water living’ in the summer house. Part time water living: there is an introvert (or sheltering) feeling and an extrovert (i.e. outward directed) feeling which you can choose according to the season.

image 1 Materials: a refined diversity of shades in brickwork, with a robust truss construction in greying wood. Between these elements are wooden facade panels in a light grey to pastel-coloured finish; thee roofs are covered with typically Dutch red tiles.

Project name: Boatport
City: Albrandswaard
Year: 2002
Architects: E. van Ginkel
Architects' practice: Himsmade Bouwkunst bna
Website: www.himsmade.nl
E-mail address: himsmade@planet.nl
Client: Zoeteman bv
Constructor: E. van Ginkel
Floor area: 1650 m2
Building costs:
Further specifications:

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