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In NUtopia, the countryside is recolonized, so it would be the new residents who take care of the landscape. Starting at a regional scale, new houses are merged into the landscape. Due to the wider spacing, variable configuration and meticulous integration of the houses, their construction will not harm the landscape. On the contrary, the building of new country houses under the NUtopia concept would be a motive for actions such as improving the water regime and planting new nature areas. There could be a synergy between the various developments: a sustainable water regime and attractive natural conditions would stimulate the sale of first and second homes.

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Project name: NUtopia * Solutions for Suburbia
City: Friese Meren, Heuvelland, and Haarlem-Amsterdam
Year: 2003
Architects: Eric-Jan Pleijster , Cees van der Veeken
Architects' practice: LOLA landscape architects
Website: www.burolola.nl
E-mail address: lola@burolola.nl
Client: Wageningen University
Constructor: Eric-Jan Pleijster , Cees van der Veeken
Floor area: 300 km2
Building costs:
Further specifications:

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