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This line of thought led us to a mobile, seaborne stadium complex, which would be capable of global deployment for events of every kind. The floating stadium platform measures 250 x 500 metres and is relatively easy and quick to transport by sea. Its reach would be considerable because most countries have a seashore. Besides, few spatial changes would be required since the complex is already equipped with every conceivable facility. The space beneath the stadium contains car parking, an indoor sports hall and a 50 metre competition swimming pool. Various ancillary functions, such as hotels, restaurants, shops for sports merchandise and other goods, offices etc., are grouped around the multifunctional stadium. These functions are accessible via the central promenade, which provides a vista of the surroundings.

image 1 The stadium itself has a three-tier grandstand, the lower two tiers being equipped with a sliding mechanism. This gives the public a close-up view of the arena for all categories of sporting event. The complex has a transparent, lightweight roof construction which uses deformation-resistant hollow steel members and ETFE air cushions. The sliding roof is also is also equipped with ETFE air cusions. These transparent inflatable membranes are supported above and below by a mesh of cables, a structure which makes extremely large spans feasible.

Project name: Multifunctional Stadium
City: Arnhem
Year: 2004
Architects: Mick Martens
Architects' practice: M2 Architecten
Website: www.m2architecten.nl
E-mail address: info@m2architecten.nl
Constructor: Mick Martens
Floor area:
Building costs:
Further specifications:

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