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image 1 H+N+S Landschapsarchitecten

Vereniging Deltametropool (the ‘Delta Metropolis Association’) has set itself the goal of uniting all the cities, countryside, roads and waterways of the western Netherlands into a single water management system. The resulting area, topographically dominated as it is by river deltas of the Rhine and Maas, deltas, would be called Delta Metropolis. Based on experience with managing water levels in the Dutch polders, the Delta Metropolis would need some 40 thousand extra hectares of land dedicated to water storage, assuming an accepted fluctuation in water level in these areas of 50 cm.

image 1 As to spatial design, two models have been proposed: the Network Model and the Ring Model. The Network model involves the temporary storage of excess surface water in a widely distributed array of pools and waterways. The development benefits of these bodies of water would be felt throughout the Delta Metropolis. The Ring Model stays closer to the present structure of the Randstad conurbation, with a ring of cities surrounding a largely agricultural Green Heart. In the Ring Model, the Green Heart would become self-sufficient in water storage. To make this possible, he lowest lying polders surrounding the Green Heart would be converted into retention basins with a capacity to buffer the peak rainwater runoff of all the surrounding urban areas. The result would be a concentric ring of water retention basins inside the ring of cities.

Project name: Waterrijke Deltametropool
Year: 2000
Architects' practice: H+N+S Landschapsarchitecten
Website: www.hnsland.nl
E-mail address: mail@hnsland.nl
Client: Vereniging Deltametropool
Floor area:
Building costs:
Further specifications:

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