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Sweetwater Pavilion, Neeltje Jans, 1993-1997

The design of the building was based on an equilibrium of external forces operating on an internally coherent system. All these movements and deformations were 'traced' in the shape of the volume, that because of its rotational and twisting nature introduced a completely new language in architecture: the fundamental connection of the surface of perception (wall) to the surface of action (floor). There are no corners in H2O Expo. This has a deep influence on the concept of exhibiting: every image becomes related to movement. The abstract movement of the volume ('twisting' and 'turning' under the influence of external forces) interacts with real human movement, firstly because people can now walk on surfaces that are normally only meant for seeing, and secondly because the images projected are not just on the 'walls', but also on the floors and ceilings.

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