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Zwarts & Jansma Architecten

Second and Third Lekbridges, Vianen, 1999 en 2003

Rijkswaterstaat (the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management) asked Zwarts & Jansma to design a number of variants for a new bridge. The preferred solution was the cantilever span bridge. A concrete construction was cast on site, constructed like an extending collar from each side of the pier. The beams on each side of the column hold each other in equilibrium like the arms of a balance. The ends of two extended and tapered beams meet in the middle of the span. It was only later on that a decision was taken to build a second new bridge to replace the old arch bridge, and now there are plans for a third new bridge. The alignment of a series of compression members beneath the road deck is characteristic of a standard concrete extension bridge. This new variant uses a single beam span combined with angled, prefabricated concrete compression members, set at a slant beneath the overhanging bridge deck. The single beam and the spatial effect of the fanned-out compression members give the bridge an unusually slender appearance.

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