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Ton Venhoeven C.S.

Jan Schaefer Bridge, Amsterdam, 2001

The Jan Schaefer Bridge, in the Eastern Docks area of Amsterdam, spans the 200 metre wide IJ Harbour, provides access to Java Island and extends the main road leading from the city centre to the water's edge. This route, which passes over the Mariniers Bridge and under the railway viaduct, culminates by tunnelling through a piece of industrial history, the De Zwijger warehouse. It is here that the Jan Schaefer Bridge begins, and here that one suddenly becomes aware of the width of the IJ estuary. The abrupt changes of scene and the build-up tension turn the Jan Schaefer Bridge section into one of a series of cinematic experiences. This applies above all to the passage through the warehouse, which provides a surprising moment between the views on either side, like a sudden cut between one scene and the next in a film.

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