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De Architectengroep Rijnboutt Ruijssenaars Hendriks Van Gameren Mastenbroek

Maagjesbolwerk parking garage, Zwolle, 1994-2002

The Maagjesbolwerk is an old fortification which has now been integrated with the historic centre Zwolle. A new two-level underground car park (with natural lighting) extends from Kamperpoortbrug to Melkmarkt, and provides a transfer facility between the vehicle traffic at Kamperpoortbrug and the pedestrian area around Melkmarkt. A shopping mall has been inserted in tunnels under the bulwark, adding a new point of attraction. New homes cluster around the bulwark, set behind a green promenade with tall trees which forms the new margin of the inner city. A shortcut to Ossenmarkt via Munsteeg is intended to allow this area too to benefit from the new influence. A new lightweight pedestrian bridge across the city moat allows the development of links with potential new parking facilities within walking distance of the centre.

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